What's a Drunk Drawer?

Drunk Drawer n (2012) :   1 : a junk drawer in it's original, pre-organized state  2 : a drawer in a sloppy state of chaos  3 : a typographical error on Facebook ensuing in hilarity.

I organized my junk drawer this weekend. I was so excited that I posted it on Facebook. Either my subconscious or my MacBook decided that my previously embarrassing drawer was in fact drunk.

I knew I had a junk drawer problem, I just didn't know I had a drunk drawer problem. I remember a certain DSG Reader telling me one time, "don't look at my junk drawer, it's a mess!" And since I was standing there and couldn't not look at it, I was shocked when I saw it. Her 'mess' was neater than my most organized drawers! Her drawer was practically empty! There was NO JUNK! That memory has haunted me to this day.  I wonder, does this DSG Reader realize I'm talking about her? And that her junk drawer has been on my mind ever since? I'll give her a hint - I used to babysit for your boys. ;)

You know how drunk pictures are often better left unshared? Well, that's how bad the 'before' was, so let's leave that unshared as well. I had to have my cabinets pulled out and treated for termites, and I had dumped everything from the drunk drawer into a huge shopping bag, and then left it. For more than a month. This is slightly embarrassing as well, but served as a great demonstration for what we actually use. The things that were utilized made their way from the bag back to the drawer. The things that weren't still sat in the bag many weeks later. This inspired me. I organized.

My drunk drawer is now clean and sober. {My scotch tape is another story.}

I'm not a big fan of plastic, but these ITSO Divided Trays from Target are sturdy, so I'm hoping to use them for a lifetime. And unlike all of the bamboo and recycled products I could find, these are actually made in the USA! And at $6.99/ea for the large one, they are affordable.

Now I've got my stash of biodegradeable doggie poo bags, essentials like scissors/lighters/razors/and pen lights, my favorite Twixit bag clips, my bamboo reusable utensil and chopstick sets, biodegradable straws, rechargeable batteries, and a few other items all organized, with a specific spot to call home.

If you want to banish your drunk drawer for good, here's my easy steps to follow:

1. Dump your drawer into a large bag.
2. Put bag in an inconvenient place, so it will bug you to have to go get things from it. (Somewhere safe from little people and pets of course.)
3. Over the course of a month, as you use things from the bag, replace them in the drawer.
4. After a month, measure your drawer, decide how many compartments you need, and either buy organizers accordingly, or make them out of cardboard boxes from the kitchen and clean jars.
5. Place items in their new home. Post your success on facebook, with or without fun typos.
6. Perform a post-mortem on the rest of the bag. Separate items that might have a home somewhere else, like seasonal storage. Make a donate pile. Make a trash pile. Do it NOW. Don't let it sit any longer!
7. If at all possible, engage the buddy system. Organize the drawer alongside your rehabilitated drunk drawer, so it has a support system. :)

Organized buddy drawers. The Spice Drawer is so glad to have a friend.

Now the Junk Drawer and the Spice Drawer are best friends, in organized harmony, supporting each other to their fullest potentials. :)

Do you have a rehabbed drawer that you are proud of? Or a drawer organizing product that you think is amazing? Link it up in the comments below! I'd love to read about it!

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